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Selected Peer-Reviewed Papers

Amoushahi, S., Salmanmahiny, A., Moradi, H., Mikaeili ART, Galán, C., 2022. Localizing sustainable urban development (SUD): Application of an FDM-AHP approach for prioritizing urban sustainability indicators in Iran provinces, Sustainable Cities and Society, Volume 77, 103592, ISSN 2210-6707,


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Dehghani M, Moradi H, Sofianian S. 2021. Interactive Effects of Climatic Changes and Environmental Factors on Distribution of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Kashan City, Central Iran, from 2007 to 2019, International Archives of Health Sciences, 8:4, 260-266. DOI: 10.4103/iahs.iahs_96_21


Moradi H, Abbasi M, Soleimani M. Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in Stachys inflata and Scariola orientalis affected by particulate matters of a cement factory in central Iran. Environmental Sciences and Pollution Research, 28(32):44098-44110. doi: 10.1007/s11356-021-13552-y


Jokar, M., Razavi, Z., Moradi, H. 2020. From environmental knowledge to encouraging pro-environmental behavior for air pollution control in Isfahan: a highly air-polluted city in central Iran. SN Applied Sciences 2, 1986.


Peykanpour F. R., Moradi H., Lotfi A., Pourmanafi S., 2021.  Application of Air Pollution Mapping in Land-use Planning of Mobarakeh County, Journal of Geography and Environmental Planning, Vol 32, No. 2 (82).


Peykanpour F. R., Lotfi A., Moradi H., Pourmanafi S., 2021.  Optimal Allocation of Land Uses in Mobarakeh City by Using the MOLA Method, Journal of Spatial Planning, Vol. 11, No. 2 (41). (In Farsi)


Madadi H., Moradi H., Soffianian A., Salmanmahiny A., 2020. Vulnerability Assessment of the Landscape due to Road Network in Lorestan Province, Geography and Sustainability of Environment, 33 (2020) 55-70 (In Farsi)

Shafiezadeh M., Moradi H., Fakheran S., Pourmanafi S., Senn J., 2019, Integrated Coastal-Terrestrial Conservation Planning for landscape-scale reserve design in Southeastern Iran, Ecological Indicators, 103, 756-765,


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Shafiezadeh, M., Moradi, H. & Fakheran, S. 2018. Evaluating and modeling the spatiotemporal pattern of regional-scale salinized land expansion in highly sensitive shoreline landscape of southeastern Iran. Journal of Arid Land, 10, 946–958 (2018).


Madadi H., Moradi H., Soffianian A., Salmanmahiny A., Senn J., Geneletti, D., 2017, Degradation of natural habitats by roads: Comparing land-take and noise effect zone, Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 65, 147-155.


Shahparian M, Fakheran S, Moradi H, Hemami M, Shafiezadeh M. 2017. Modeling Habitat Suitability of the Dolphins Using MaxEnt in Makran Sea, South of Iran. joc. 2017; 7 (28) :47-56 (In Farsi)



Mirsaeidi A., Moradi H., Zekri M., 2016. Fuzzy-based Prioritization of Health, Safety, and Environmental Risks: The Case of a Large Gas Refinery, Iranian Journal of Health, Safety & Environment, Vol.4, No.1, pp.641-653


Mansouri M., Moradi H., Nasrabadi M., 2015, Functional Comparison of Environmental Stability in Petrochemical Companies in Asalouyeh Region Using Indicator of Compound Sustainable Development (ICSD), (Case Study: Mehr and Borzouyeh Refineries^ International Journal of Review in Life Sciences, 5(4), 2015, 1179-1188

Razavi Z., Moradi H., Ebrahimi I., 2014, Effects of water quality changes on macrobenthos in Zayandehrood River in Isfahan 1997-2008, International Bulletin of Water Resources and Development.


Nasr E. A., Karimian A. A., Moradi H., 2014, Students’ Understanding of Environmental Components and its Relationship with the Awareness of their Parents (A case study on secondary school students in Esfahan, Iran). Bulletin of Environment, Pharmacology and Life Sciences, Vol 2 (12) November 2013: 71-79.


Nasr E. A., Karimian A. A., Moradi H., 2014, The investigation of the level of environmental awareness of students, Isfahan, Iran. Journal of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences, Vol. 4, No. 2, p. 17-26.


Makky T, Fakheran S., Moradi H., Iravani M. Senn J. 2013. Landscape-scale impacts of transportation infrastructure on spatial dynamics of two vulnerable ungulate species in Ghamishloo Wildlife Refuge, Iran, Ecological Indicators, 31: 6-14.


Mirzaei M., Mahiny A.S., Mirkarimi S.H. and Moradi H. 2012. First Implementation of Improved Mathematical Matrices for Environmental Impact Assessment Using Quality Criteria: A Case Study in Golpayegan Township Compost Plant, Iran. World Applied Sciences Journal 20 (5): 718-729.

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Moradi H. 2002. Environmental impacts of oilfields developments on marine ecosystems in Persian Gulf. HSE journal. Iranian Offshore Oil Company, Iran.

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