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M.Sc. Projects

  1. Using vessel density index in order to assess the climate change impacts on Avicennia marina and Rhizophora mucronata
  2. Assessment of climate changes in Geno Biosphere Reserves using Juniper (Juniperus excelsa) annual rings
  3. Effects of climate change and hydrological variations on riparian ecosystems using tree ring analysis
  4. Effect of long-term climate change on oak forest (Quercus brantii) of Lorestan using tree ring analysis
  5. Biomonitoring of heavy metals due to air pollution in annual rings of pine (Pinus eldarica) trees in Isfahan city
  6. Interactive effects of climatic and environmental factors on distribution of Cutaneous leishmaniasis in Kashan city, Iran
  7. Effect of recent climate changes on coral reefs in some Iranian Islands of Persian Gulf
  8. Mapping of dispersion PMs and NOx from major industry complexes of Isfahan
  9. Mapping of dispersion PMs in Isfahan city using Landuse Regression
  10. Systematic analysis of air pollution from transportation in Isfahan
  11. Life cycle assessment of solid waste management of Ardebil city
  12. Ecological vulnerability assessment of Makran Coastal Zone
  13. Systematic planning of marine protected areas in Mkaran region, southern Iran
  14. Sea Cucamber (Holothuria leucospilota) as an indicator of heavy metals contamination in Chabahar, Iran
  15. Monitoring of thermal pollution Due to Developing the Mahshahr Petrochemical Special Economic Zone Using Satellite Images
  16. Simulation of noise pollution caused by urban transportation in Kerman City
  17. Monitoring of Thermal pollution resulting fromDeveloping the Mahshahr Petrochemical Special Economic Zone Using Satellite Images
  18. Environmental vulnerability and resilience assessment of Makran Coastal line
  19. Impact assessment of fuel change in Isfahan power plants on SO2 and NOx dispersion
  20. Land-use planning in the vicinity of hazardous industrial installations (A case study on Bakhtiyar Dasht industrial park in Isfahan
  21. Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Recyclable-Wastes Collection Process in Isfahan City
  22. Modeling of Particulate Matter Dispersion from Sarooj Cement Plant and its Effect on Accumulation of Heavy Metals in Surrounding Soils and Plants
  23. Environmental Assessment of Waste Management Process in the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone using Life Cycle Assessment Approach
  24. Modeling air pollutants dispersion of Dorahan Gas Compressor station and nearby roads using AERMOD model
  25. Environmental Risk Assessment of Shahrbabak Copper Leaching Plant
  26. Health, Safety and Environmental Risk Assessment of Gol-Gohar Pelletizing Plant Using FMEA and Bayesian Networks
  27. Thermal Monitoring of Land Use/ Cover Due to Developing the South Pars Energy Zone Using Satellite Images
  28. Prediction of Thermal Stratification and Eutrophication of Marun Dam Using CE-QUAL-W2
  29. Significance Analysis of Environmental Impacts of the Sabzevar Cement Plant in Operation Phase Using Fuzzy Logic
  30. Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals in the Food Chain of Some Birds in Dena Biosphere Reserve
  31. Application of Fuzzy Logic to Assess Health, Safety and Environmental Risks of the First Refinery of the South Pars Gas Field
  32. Modeling of the Air Pollution Dispersion of Khatoonabad Copper-Smelter Plant
  33. Modeling of gaseous pollutants Dispersion of Esfahan Petrochemical plant
  34. Evaluation the Impacts of Landuse on Brown Bear Habitat Suitability in Central Alborz Protected Area
  35. Modeling of SO2 and NOX Dispersion of Shahid Montazeri Power Plant in Isfahan
  36. Dispersion Modeling of NOx and SO2 in Phase 9 and 10 of South Pars Oilfield
  37. Environmental, Health and Safety, Risk Assessment of Lavan Oilfield using Bayesian Networks and FMEA
  38. Quality Assessment of Environmental Impact Statements of Dams and Water Transferring Projects in Iran
  39. Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Municipal Solid Waste Managment System in Isfahan City
  40. Concentration and Distribution of Petroleum – Based Trace Metales in Mangrove Roots and Leaves and Sediments in Nayband Marine National Park and Hara Protected Area in Persian Gulf Region
  41. Application of Bayesian Belief Network and Modified Rapid Impact Assessment Matrix to Assess the Environmental Impacts of Rudbar Dam, Lorestan
  42. Ecological Impact Assessment of Isfahan’s West Freeway on Ghamishloo Wildlife Refuge
  43. Environmental Impact Assessment of Sangan Iron Ore using Fuzzy Logic
  44. Environmental Impact Assessment of Birjand Industrial Complex using Mathematical Matrices and GIS
  45. Evaluation of Environmental Knowledge of students in Isfahan Guidance Schools


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